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Savvion is the Business Process Management (BPM) trailblazer, moving enterprises beyond ordinary BPM with groundbreaking business-critical software, solutions, and services that make them more competitive, agile, and efficient.

A former employee said this on Indeed "At Savvion management lacks any form of communication and has no idea what's going on within the business. The multiple "partners" which comprise the business seem to be unaware or what the others are doing".


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Account Executive (Current Employee) says

"Management lacks any form of communication and has no idea what's going on within the business. The multiple "partners" which comprise the business seem to be unaware or what the others are doing.NoneOne's employment there"

Chief Software Architect (Former Employee) says

"high pressure ..tasks number required to achieve no matter what..not a 40 hours company..usually take up to 60 hours in 5 days to finish leavesremote workhigh job bonuses..."

Engineering Manager (Former Employee) says

"The model is to buy companies, fire everyone, hire few remote engineers to save the money for taxes and office rent. The customers become unhappy and leave. No problem, Trilogy/Crossover/Aurea squeeze as much as possible from the old subscriptions before terminating the services. They hired more VPs to figure it out why quality is low than QA to test the products before releasing :)The payment is good for eastern countriesThe management activities are very much manual work. In general, the people are doing work that are not qualified for. For instance, the architects are either writing test cases, writing build scripts or doing Devops job."

Orders & Collections Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Poor management, absurd. No work-life balance, pay is the minimum acceptable. No time off, it's frowned upon even though you don't get paid for the time off. Being an independent contractor, you only get paid if you work. You get fired if you don't put in 40 hrs per week minimum. The only good thing is that in 1.5 years the pay was only late once."

Support Engineer (Former Employee) says

"A good place to work for a short span. All roles are contracted. Contracts can be terminated at short notice. There are frequent changes in line management and staff.Remote work can save improve work-life balanceLittle contact with co-workers"

Software Architect (Current Employee) says

"Human development is not regarded, all attention is to deliver on weekly targets and they don't regard excuses and or failures. If your just starting up your career this is the worst place to begin. Cos you will lose faith in what you can do, because of the pressure."

Chief Architect (Current Employee) says

"When I joined, it was great. When 'Top Performers' initiative started, it was CLEAR message that company needs quantifiable and measurable work, NOT good work doers.SalaryTop Performer madness."

Senior Support Engineer (Current Employee) says

"It started as Savvion India Pvt ltd. Later , taken over by Progress Software which was again divested to Aurea Software. Initial phase till Progress was really good time. Aurea also tries to provide work flexibility ( it allows work from home ) which helps manage work and home together. Hardest part of the job is lowering the amount of work in hand but have high goals to achieve which increases rivalry among team members.Free lunches, work from homeinsecurity" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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